Theodora Mitrakos is a photographer, artist, and writer based in Toronto, Canada. As an artist, she strives to create work with a strong emphasis on beauty and storytelling. As a writer, she's a lover of all things strange, and has had work published in a few Canadian magazines. She has a small (but fierce) dog named Stella, and her book buying habit will probably put her in debt a lot sooner than she'd like.

Some of her favourite things include: Greek mythology, books, and Rush.

Some of her least favourite things include: Monospaced fonts, shuttle buses, and typos in published work (where was the editor?!).

Her client list includes: Toronto Fashion Week, Cobmex, Seneca College, and Autotrader among others.


Theodora spent the early years of her photography career in school and assisting for various other photographers. Her work ranges from fine art to still life to portraiture. She won an Applied Arts Award in the Student — Photography category in 2018 for the image next to this text, and her work has been featured in various magazines and exhibits since then.

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